An overview of popular hotels in Punta Cana

Punta Cana is an affordable place in a beautiful tropical setting. There are hotels that range from medium to luxury. Taking advantage of cheap land and virtually insatiable desire of Europeans for sunbathing in the depths of winter, half a dozen European hotel chains hastened to acquire large tracts of sugarcane plantations and pastures. As a result, there are at least a dozen mega-hotels, most of the more than 500 rooms that attract large customers.

Some of the hotels in Punta Cana are designed by renowned Spanish architects – and are very impressive. They include all kinds of amenities: from delicious food, drinks, exceptional entertainment to sports and business facilities. Visitors can find hotels that suit their budget and taste. Some hotels have their own websites and booking facilities, while information about others is available only through state-owned tourist centers upon arrival.

Built in 1993, Barcelo Bavaro Palace is a hotel complex that offers every taste. Set on the beach, the hotel is surrounded by spectacular greenery and a magnificent coconut grove. The hotel has 594 rooms, each with balconies or terraces with stunning views of the beach. In addition to regular hotel activities, this property has ping-pong, water polo, badminton, and other sports. It also includes a business center, multilingual staff, swimming pools for children, tennis courts and access to the beach. Guestrooms have air conditioning, telephone, television, minibar and broadband Internet access.

Barcelo Bavaro Golf and Suites is a luxury hotel located 13 km from Punta Cana Airport. It is also convenient to get to the hotel from Santa Domingo Airport. Overlooking the Bavaro Golf Club, this hotel is surrounded by tropical gardens that provide a relaxed atmosphere. Barcelo Bavaro Golf and Suites can be a great getaway from the hot city life. The Bay of Bavaria offers a variety of water sports facilities. The accommodation consists of elegant guest rooms with all modern amenities. The hotel has two restaurants serving Italian and Mexican cuisine. As the name implies, this hotel is known for its 18-hole golf course. The hotel indulges its guests with a personalized service to add to its amenities.

Secrets Excellence Punta Cana is a relatively new hotel located on a half moon beach. This hotel is located approximately 50 miles from Punta Cana International Airport for adults. The hotel has a large pool with bridges, a swimming bar, a snack bar and six restaurants. There is also a more intimate pool. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling, 24-hour fitness programs and evening entertainment, which include both performances and interactive shows. All 446 guestrooms have balconies or terraces, hot tubs, bathrobes, hair dryers, country mirrors, data ports, minibars, irons, coffee / tea makers and cable TV. Room rates range from $ 308 to $ 476 per night.


Why Bochuslan Coast is the best choice for your kayak holiday in Sweden

In the past, Swedish tourist boards, with very little attention from international travelers, have begun to show the world what Sweden’s west coast has to offer and what better way to show itself to Sweden than shaking the west coast called Bohuslan.

Imagine waking up to a difficult night spent in your tent with just you and your other person on your island. You open the tent to open a magnificent sunrise that casts soft orange light onto the pink granite cliffs of the distant islands.

The sun begins to warm your face when you light the stove for your morning coffee. The sea around you is calm, almost mirrored as you pull out a map to plan where you will paddle today. The freedom of knowing that this whole coastline is yours.
It was my first memory of the Bohuslan coast, and as long as the water boiled for my morning cup, I fell in love with the place.

Running along the West Coast of Sweden, between Gothenburg in the south and the Norwegian border in the North, Bochuslan offers a mixture of wilderness and traditional Swedish coastal villages, all protected from the wild North Sea by an enormous archipelago that extends almost 280 kilometers across.

There are more than 8,000 islands and islets that make up the Boguslan Archipelago, the most uninhabited and with generous “freedom to roam”; Sweden’s laws can be explored in free time and wild camps.

One reason Bochuslan was recently named kayak paradise & # 39; CNN and what makes Bohuslän special for kayaking is a choice. At one point, you can take a ride on the coastal desert, the next you will find yourself among the many tourists who eat, hit on this day & # 39; in one of the traditional Swedish restaurants located in the bustling fishing villages lining the coast.

If you want, you can paddle for your full kayaking and hardly see anyone other than a passing fishing boat, distant sailing boats or other kayakers. Head to the Weather Islands located on the outer archipelago for a challenging but rewarding trip.

Maybe you will explore a protected inland archipelago with an amazing stop in one of the thriving summer tourist villages that dot the coastline. Or maybe you decide to stay close to civilization every night spent camping.

It is the diverse landscape that makes the Bohuslan coast such a fantastic choice for kayaking in Sweden. Come and visit to see for yourself how extraordinary Western Sweden is.


Preparing for the first cruise

This is no longer the only stock of rich, cruise vacations – it is an affordable and popular option for vacationers everywhere. However, after you have booked your first cruise, your mind will inevitably turn into things like seasickness, luggage for packing and how to entertain children, etc.

If you can, it is best to limit your travel time before embarking on your first cruise. Ideally, you should book a cruise that departs from your home country and (where possible) near where you live. You will have enough to think about when embarking on a maiden cruise, without the hassle of having to fly.

However, sometimes the only way to get the cruise vacation you want is to meet a ship at an overseas port. Obviously, if you live in a country where major cruise lines do not work, then this is inevitable. If this is the case for you and you are on a cruiser for the first time, then a return flight package is your best bet. For beginner cruise planners, these package deals are much less stressful because your travel agent arranges airport transfers, given any unforeseen problems, such as flight delays.

Obviously the last thing you want on your first cruise is to miss your boat. However, it’s amazing how many people do (or approach it) just because they don’t allow themselves enough time to travel to port. In the same note you should check and make sure you have all the necessary paperwork for your landing (including your passport) before you leave the house. Believe it or not, many cruisers are so distracted for the first time by all other aspects of the holiday of novelty that they failed to memorize these items.

Many novice cruisers convince themselves that their luggage has been lost just because it may not appear for a while after they arrive at their chamber. This is usually because for the first time cruisers are much more likely to use hotel stays where guests do not check in all together. Obviously, this is exactly what happens on the cruise, so there are loads of luggage that can be carried at the same time. That way, if your luggage does not show up within hours of arrival, you can spare yourself the worrying moments by remembering it.

One way to survive until your basic luggage arrives is to put the necessary small items in your carry-on luggage. This is especially helpful if you are traveling with your children or have medicines to take. Before leaving the house, always pack enough things in your carry-on bag to pick you up on the first day. This way, if you are left without your luggage for an unusually long time, you will avoid unnecessary stress.

As for what you should carry on board, every cruise restaurant has a & # 39; your own dress code. So, before you leave, you need to check that the dress code on your boat is reasonable everyday, black tie or unofficial and pack properly. Usually, Cunard and P&O cruises have a more conservative dress policy, while RCI and celebrity cruises allow you to wear just about anything. Generally, smaller boats will introduce stricter dress codes. Some people don’t like the idea of ​​dressing for dinner. Obviously, if it concerns you, it will govern your choice of cruise lines from the start.

Do not forget that even if you are cruising in exotic waters, the temperature can get very cold in the evening. You do not want to stay in your cell room all night because it is too cool outside. Always bring warmer clothes with you, otherwise you may be forced to give up a nice starry look from the ship’s deck.

It is inevitable that it takes a few days to get used to a cruise ship, no matter what cruise line you decide to book. Ultimately, it’s just the same as a regular vacation, except you’re floating on water. Take a good look at the tips above, and you will definitely fit into the experienced cruisers that are on your ship.


Sailing cruise – what is it?

What is a sailing cruise?

A sailing cruise is practically a journey from place to place aboard a windmill, not a ship. The term “cruise” is usually used where guests are passengers on a voyage rather than participating in a boat trip.

Boats offering sailing cruises are typically over 100 feet (30 m) long and can carry a number of passengers, each paying an individual price for a bunk or berth mode or saloon.

How is it different from sailing holidays?

On a sailing vacation, guests want and will be paid to participate in activities to sail on a boat from one place to another. Usually this type of recreation is a more active consideration.

How is a sailing cruise different from a sailing boat charter?

Guests can book an individual place (berth or cabin) on a sailing cruise; A sailboat charter is a boat reservation and is usually done by a group, family or business for private sailing.

What types of sailing cruise are there?

Tours can be booked daily, weekends or a week or more, depending on the cruise route and cruise area. Some boats operate from a fixed harbor and operate daily cruises, such as a harbor or coastal excursion, and a sunset cruise; others are more nomadic and guests can join one port and leave in another.

Where do sailing cruises work?

Wind ships operate all over the world and include numerous tall ships and sails that have survived since the time when maritime trade was the basis of world trade. You can usually sail on the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Baltic seas, and the boats also operate from US ports and elsewhere in the world.



Passenger excursions

You can also book a more active cruise in which guests can get involved by pulling on ropes and sailing a boat, more properly known as sailing. Such cruises involved in large sailing ships are usually undertaken by charities and offer more informal arrangements on board, including boarding-schools and joint meals.

Rest on a small boat

Small boat cruises offer a more personalized and intimate setting, but you are expected to be able to tap into all aspects of the trip, including a sailboat, supplies and cooking. They are more properly called sailing holidays.


Maldives: Holidays in Maldives

Surrounded by blue waters and immaculate beaches kissed by the sun, Soneva Fushi Resort is a tropical idyll of peace, tranquility and tranquility. Located on Kunfunadjo’s private island, Soneva Fushi offers Robinson Crusoe’s exclusive repository of Maldives’ luxury and style.

The sister of another five-star resort, Soneva Gili, Soneva Fushi has 65 spacious villas that value sustainability and maximize blame. And with the motto “No News, No Shoes” you know that you are on vacation.

A 30-minute sea plane from Male International Airport will take you to the resort. Here you will be greeted by a personal butler who is asked to address you as Mr. or Mrs. Friday. Upon arrival, they are offered a bag for shoes, setting a calm tone for stay – even the executives go barefoot here!

In order to get the most out of your holiday in the Maldives, Soneva Fushi offers a carefully selected range of activities for you.

Experience the underwater world while vacationing in the Maldives

The Maldives is said to occupy one of the most popular places in the world for exploring coral reefs and diving with mantle rays and whale sharks. Snorkeling with marine biologist Soneva Fushi or a proven snorkeling in the dark and having an amazing opportunity to explore less commonly encountered marine life such as moray eels, lobsters, sleeping parrots and bioluminescent plankton.

Spa Nirvana

Allow yourself to escape into the world of complete relaxation and enjoy a thorough healing of body and mind at Spa Six Senses, which specializes in holistic and ayurvedic treatments.

The star glanced at the observatory

Located in the depths of the jungle, the Sushi Fushi Observatory provides a unique experience for those who want to learn more about the universe and its surroundings. The 12-meter tower of the observatory houses a telescope, which, at the touch of a button, allows guests to observe the razor-sharp images of the moon’s craters, Jupiter’s moons and galaxies, stacked in excess of 200 billion stars.


Being one of the first hotels to introduce eco-tourism, Soneva Fushi offers an excursion to the spectacular Eco Center, where almost 80% of the waste generated from various operations is converted into beneficial use. The walk ends with a stroll along the Native slow walk with explanations of native plants and herbs, vegetables and local fruits grown in the organic garden.

Dinner tree

Dine with fresh seafood and make your own organic vegetable garden at the stunning Fresh in the Garden, accessible only by a rope bridge and just above the canopy overlooking a banana plantation and offering spectacular views of the surrounding jungle.

Cinema Paradise

Remember one of the world’s favorite Hollywood classics at the first Maldives movie theater. Nestled under the stars, Cinema Paradiso is the perfect place to spend a relaxing evening chewing on popcorn or one of the 60 flavors of homemade ice cream.

Soneva Fushi is definitely one of the most charming all-inclusive resorts in the world, and if you are looking for a welcoming and laid-back, yet refined Maldives holiday atmosphere, Soneva Fushi is a place to visit.

Soneva Fushi in the Maldives is just one of the wonderful hotels available on the breathtaking Maldives island. To find out more accommodation options available on the island, contact our Travel Specialists today at 0845 3 65 65 65 for travel advice and inspiration, or visit and fill out one of them today.


Amazing cities in the US to take a stay

Rest and rest should not always entail a journey to the other side of the world. Although the idea sounds very tempting, there are times when you just have to take a quick break from the city bustle. It should not be a remote location or a brief and temporary change of environment will do the trick.

Have you ever had a placement? The United States is filled with hundreds of convenient cities. We’ve put together some of our favorites to help you choose a destination where you can spend 3-5 days to reboot, relax and rejuvenate.

Las Vegas, Nevada. Do we need to say more? Some nights in Sin City are definitely one of the best ways to stay. They have several luxury hotels in the world. If you are looking for accommodation, mostly massage, room service, or a simple stay, you are in the right place. If you’re thinking of something else, like trying out casino success, Las Vegas probably won’t disappoint!

Tampa, Florida. For most people, vacationing in Tame means sunbathing and getting to the beach. It’s a good way to spend a few days in the city, because the beaches in Tampa are one of the best the U.S. has to offer. Not in the mood for bathing or sunbathing? This is absolutely great, as it just means that you have more time to try amazing restaurants in Tampa. Most of them are located in Tampa Bay, so if you’re going to have a good meal, we recommend putting your first stop.

Portland, Oregon. If you want the whole package of food, entertainment, recreation and relaxation, Portland, Oregon is definitely a good choice. Find culinary gems in grocery carts around town, give your leg a workout and ride a bike-friendly road (while on it, sail through some fun neighborhoods) or reconnect with nature and walk through some of Oregon’s iconic trails. A fair warning if you have future Oregon residency plans, though be prepared to fall in love with a city you might really want to move to!

Birmingham, Alabama. One of the best reasons why Birmingham is one of the best places to stay is because it’s so restrained that it’s easy to mix. For example, you can attend one of the free fitness classes at Railroad Park like a real local. There are also many corners in the city that could be the perfect place to pick up a reading list while sipping on a cup of Birmingham coffee.

Whatever city you are staying in, you are sure to find a chic hotel that fits your needs and feels right at home. Ask your inner tourist and don’t waste a minute refreshing and recharging!


Why choose a franchise travel company?

There are many reasons why you should consider using a franchise travel company. Think about when you use a travel franchise, you use well-known companies that have a reputation you can count on, and you know that they work to high quality standards so you can use their services. with confidence.

One of the main reasons to choose a travel franchise for your next vacation is that they give professional advice. You need to remember that people who own and manage these franchises are passionate about traveling. Most travel around the world and want to share their experiences and opportunities with their customers, helping them to make the holiday their dream.

In addition, most travel franchises offer you excellent value for money. They provide the best deals from the best hotels, resorts, airlines, car rental companies and more, and share them with you. In most cases, you can find your dream vacation within your travel budget to find out what you spend, and enjoy the city, sea, and even the snow holiday you deserve.

Most of the time, when you are looking for a vacation opportunity, you are still working. Working all day juggling kids and home can be exhausting, so it’s good to know that relying on a travel agency franchise with a great reputation can save you time because you don’t have to look anywhere else. You just choose the company you want to deal with and then browse through the opportunities on your site to find it the perfect deal that fits your holiday needs and budget. You can even book online to save even more time and you won’t have to sit on the phone for hours.

Of course, using a well-known franchise is not only a convenience to save your time and money, but it also provides you with complete security and peace of mind. Some of the more well-known and more reputable companies offer 100% protection against their deals so you can book and pay with confidence, knowing that if something goes wrong you will be closed. It’s not something you want to think about, but when you think about it, it’s best to be safe than sorry when you spend a couple hundred thousand on your dream holiday.

A great reason for choosing a franchise travel company is that you get a personalized service and deals are available to suit your unique needs and your vacation budget. They offer only the best hotels and resorts, giving you many options to choose from. You can choose your destination anywhere in the world and take advantage of fabulous deals, including deals that are included.

Always make sure you read company reviews online to make sure they have the reputation you need so you can book with confidence. Don’t rely on reviews you only find on the company’s website, do some research on your own. Go online, enter a company name, and go through independent review sites to see if you are happy with what others are saying about your experience.

Finally, it’s your holiday. You’ve probably saved all year for a family holiday by the sea this summer season. Take your time, call the company if you have any questions, and if you find your dream, book it so you don’t get frustrated.


Cruises available

An introduction to cruises available

With the Western world in the midst of recession, many people either decide not to go on vacation or look for affordable options. As airfare and hotel prices continue to rise, cruises are an increasingly popular option for couples and families. The all-inclusive cruise is now considered an inexpensive holiday option, and for everyone around the world, there is a cruise. Many of the best cruise companies are ready to make last-minute and quiet orders. Below are a selection of companies and some of their deals. is an online company that specializes in helping customers find available cruises. They have numerous last minute offers as well as special offers when you book through their website. One of their fantastic offers is a nine-night Canary Islands cruise and Morocco aboard the Norwegian jade with Norwegian cruise lines. The cruise starts in Barcelona and stops in Casablanca, Agadir, Las Palmes, Funchal and Málaga before returning to Barcelona for the tenth day. The deal also includes $ 250 in cash spent on board and $ 75 on a wine onboarding loan. Prices start at $ 549 per person for an indoor room and go up to $ 1,199 per person for a suite. is an online company based in America that has fantastic deals on cruise vacations. They have many deals with a selection of well-known cruise lines that are updated weekly. The current offer they have with the cruise company Holland America for a seven-day trip to the Caribbean aboard MS Eurodam. The cruise departs for Fort Lauderdale and stops include Greater Turk, San Juan, St. Thomas and Paulun Kay before returning to Fort Lauderdale on the seventh day. Prices start at $ 499 per person for an indoor room and go up to $ 749 per person for a balcony.

Another cruise available through is the Carnival cruise line for a four-day Caribbean cruise. The cruise departs Miami and visits Key West and Cozumel before returning to Miami on the fourth day. Prices start at $ 219 per person for an indoor room and go up to $ 609 per person for a balcony.

Only cruises

Cruises is the largest cruise agency in America. Offices in Canada, the UK, and Australia have people in several countries taking advantage of the available offers. One of Cruise’s current offers is with Norwegian Cruise Line for a seven-day trip to the Bahamas and Florida on board Norwegian Values. Cruises depart from New York and stops include Florida, Big Strep Kay and Nassau before returning to New York on the eighth day. Prices start at $ 329 per person for an indoor room and go up to $ 599 per person for a suite. For cruise bookings only, they receive a 10% discount on any shore excursions and $ 250 per person for free on board spending money.


Airborne – Birds watching the holidays in Nepal

Wonderful topography, interesting culture and scenic landscapes, as well as 848 bird species (500 of them in the Kathmandu Valley alone) are the main reasons for Nepal to find its way as one of the top bird watching destinations in Asia. .

Picturesque valleys, lowland jungles, wetlands, open fields, dense oak and rhododendron forests and windy Himalayan plateaus are just a few of the habitats you will find interesting on bird holidays. There are some endangered birds in the region, such as the Imperial Pheasant – the Nepali national bird – the Crane Sarus and the barbed sleuth.

The Kathmandu Valley

The birthplace of most Nepalese bird species, the diverse ecology of the region makes it fantastic to watch the birds. Holidays in the valley can take you through many of the areas described above – wetlands and open fields within the valley, as well as hills filled with rhododendron, oak and pine. One of the major birdlife in the region is the Phulchoki Hill, which has recorded about 265 species to date, including magic bats, thrushes, woodpeckers and eagles.

At the foot of the hill is the Royal Botanical Gardens, where about 100 species can be spotted, including spotted Buzzard and Tibetan Common. The Royal Forest of Nazherjun on Jamach Hill is another place preferred by bird enthusiasts over blue magpies, Bonelli eagles, large Himalayan barbecues, potassium pheasants and more.

Teray region

255 species of birds, including blue fly agaric, red-headed blue fly agaric, blue thrush, long-tailed grazing, Indian peacock, big barbet and red-tinged blue magpie are recorded in Chitavan national park in the sub-tropical region of Terea, Nepal Nepalese birds watching the holidays.

The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in Biratnagar on the Koshi floodplain – a combination of shrubs, meadows and forests along the riverbank – has a highly variable environment that varies with the seasons. It experiences flooding during the monsoon months from May to September, and dries to expose the sandy islands during the dry seasons. A favorite stopover for birdwatching holidays, it is home to 280 bird species, including the Bengal Green Dove, 20 ducks, ibis, storks, herons, marsh partridges and other species not found elsewhere in Nepal.

Anapurna Conservation Area

Considered the largest and most protected region in the world, it maintains a remarkably diverse but highly sensitive biological system, which records 441 species of birds, including the only endemic bird species in Nepal – barbed flap. The bird habitats of Annapurna range from humid subtropical lowlands to dry alpine regions to the north. Other species that can be seen in the area at birdwatching festivals include a bearded vulture, golden eagle and six species of Himalayan pheasants.


Three pitfalls of timeshare ownership

With the promise of lower costs for vacations and the availability of our own “property”, we understand how easy it is to view property rights for use time as a good investment. What vacationers love about temporary rentals is that they can easily choose a place, room size and number of days to stay, but these features are also available when registering with a travel club. When choosing what to invest in, it is always wise to compare the two benefits of two different options, in which case others who actually own a piece of property, most time-averse services are also offered at leisure clubs for much smarter. the price.

Let’s take a look at some of the time stocks we need to consider before actually making the investment.

Most time requirements require previous investments.

Getting a temporary hold can be equated to actually buying a piece of property, and this is an argument that other people use to rationalize that large amount of money that you have to spread. In return for the several thousand dollars you need to get on board, you get the promise to reduce travel. However, you also have to keep in mind that as it is an investment, you are closing your money with a temporary supply. In addition to this down payment, you also have to pay annual membership fees, maintenance fees, and other fees that can still be hundreds of dollars when summed up.

Some temporary orders are difficult to resell.

The tourism business is complicated, and in the world of temporary work, it is even more difficult. Earlier, it was found that investments were typically fixed for a fixed period with little resale. This may be because there are not many buyers who know that they could take advantage of twice the twice sold, but it is also because there are not many people who would like to invest in something that is very uncertain. There are questions in their heads “Why are you even reselling?” either “How are you, will I be another investor looking for a new buyer of this temporary stock in a few months?” It is also strange that the likelihood of resale of a temporary stock for the same amount you bought is very rare.

When booking, there is a risk of facing problems.

The idea behind temporary rentals is that you and several other co-owners own a real estate property every year. So you can already imagine how difficult it is to trade or trade for weeks with other property owners. It is not pleasant to book reservations at holiday clubs where there are many types of accommodation. Sometimes you push for a trip, because at the time you feel comfortable, the property you want to stay in is unavailable.