What are tourists spending money on?

The pursuit of living emotions and experiences is the main cost item for travelers. This is evidenced by the results of a survey of a tourist audience, in which 5,916 people answered the question: “What do you spend most of your money on while traveling?”

36% of the respondents said that a considerable part of the money earmarked for the trip is spent on trips and other educational activities. Tourists are ready to actively save abroad, so that they will have a living unforgettable memories.

The second on the list of popular expenses is entertainment. 27% of tourists prefer to spend their money on entertaining places and a light night life.

24.9% of holidaymakers have spent the bulk of their money on the purchase and purchase of souvenirs. Women choose this option 3.6 times more often than men. As you know, the weak sex not only are exposed to trading mania, but also, as a rule, they have to keep in mind a long list of all relatives and friends to whom they should bring some souvenirs from countries “overseas”.

For some people, a trip to a foreign country is an opportunity to get acquainted with an unknown culture, one of the most striking features of which is national cuisine. 9.4% of those surveyed were foodies because they spend most of their money on food. Despite this, while visiting Turkey or Egypt, the most attractive tourist destination is still the All Inclusive system, which allows them to forget about having money, at least on the premises.

Instead of the usual excursions, many fans prefer to rent a car or buy tickets to travel around the country and explore the local sights independently. 2.8% of tourists, mostly young people aged 20-25, said that the bulk of the funding is spent on transportation during the trip.

With the recent decline in the value of the dollar, there are even lists of places where the dollar owner can spend the holiday. These places are also interesting because they are quite high quality compared to famous places, but less popular and much cheaper.

No matter what the expenses you plan on your next vacation, whether it is an interesting excursion, a rental car ride or great delicacies, there is only one tip: do not deny yourself the well-deserved pleasure. Money is there for the expenses, and during the trip we are happy to spend more than ever.