Why Bochuslan Coast is the best choice for your kayak holiday in Sweden

In the past, Swedish tourist boards, with very little attention from international travelers, have begun to show the world what Sweden’s west coast has to offer and what better way to show itself to Sweden than shaking the west coast called Bohuslan.

Imagine waking up to a difficult night spent in your tent with just you and your other person on your island. You open the tent to open a magnificent sunrise that casts soft orange light onto the pink granite cliffs of the distant islands.

The sun begins to warm your face when you light the stove for your morning coffee. The sea around you is calm, almost mirrored as you pull out a map to plan where you will paddle today. The freedom of knowing that this whole coastline is yours.
It was my first memory of the Bohuslan coast, and as long as the water boiled for my morning cup, I fell in love with the place.

Running along the West Coast of Sweden, between Gothenburg in the south and the Norwegian border in the North, Bochuslan offers a mixture of wilderness and traditional Swedish coastal villages, all protected from the wild North Sea by an enormous archipelago that extends almost 280 kilometers across.

There are more than 8,000 islands and islets that make up the Boguslan Archipelago, the most uninhabited and with generous “freedom to roam”; Sweden’s laws can be explored in free time and wild camps.

One reason Bochuslan was recently named kayak paradise & # 39; CNN and what makes Bohuslän special for kayaking is a choice. At one point, you can take a ride on the coastal desert, the next you will find yourself among the many tourists who eat, hit on this day & # 39; in one of the traditional Swedish restaurants located in the bustling fishing villages lining the coast.

If you want, you can paddle for your full kayaking and hardly see anyone other than a passing fishing boat, distant sailing boats or other kayakers. Head to the Weather Islands located on the outer archipelago for a challenging but rewarding trip.

Maybe you will explore a protected inland archipelago with an amazing stop in one of the thriving summer tourist villages that dot the coastline. Or maybe you decide to stay close to civilization every night spent camping.

It is the diverse landscape that makes the Bohuslan coast such a fantastic choice for kayaking in Sweden. Come and visit to see for yourself how extraordinary Western Sweden is.