Sailing cruise – what is it?

What is a sailing cruise?

A sailing cruise is practically a journey from place to place aboard a windmill, not a ship. The term “cruise” is usually used where guests are passengers on a voyage rather than participating in a boat trip.

Boats offering sailing cruises are typically over 100 feet (30 m) long and can carry a number of passengers, each paying an individual price for a bunk or berth mode or saloon.

How is it different from sailing holidays?

On a sailing vacation, guests want and will be paid to participate in activities to sail on a boat from one place to another. Usually this type of recreation is a more active consideration.

How is a sailing cruise different from a sailing boat charter?

Guests can book an individual place (berth or cabin) on a sailing cruise; A sailboat charter is a boat reservation and is usually done by a group, family or business for private sailing.

What types of sailing cruise are there?

Tours can be booked daily, weekends or a week or more, depending on the cruise route and cruise area. Some boats operate from a fixed harbor and operate daily cruises, such as a harbor or coastal excursion, and a sunset cruise; others are more nomadic and guests can join one port and leave in another.

Where do sailing cruises work?

Wind ships operate all over the world and include numerous tall ships and sails that have survived since the time when maritime trade was the basis of world trade. You can usually sail on the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Baltic seas, and the boats also operate from US ports and elsewhere in the world.



Passenger excursions

You can also book a more active cruise in which guests can get involved by pulling on ropes and sailing a boat, more properly known as sailing. Such cruises involved in large sailing ships are usually undertaken by charities and offer more informal arrangements on board, including boarding-schools and joint meals.

Rest on a small boat

Small boat cruises offer a more personalized and intimate setting, but you are expected to be able to tap into all aspects of the trip, including a sailboat, supplies and cooking. They are more properly called sailing holidays.