TAO Restaurant at The Body Holiday Le Sport, Saint Lucia

Barbados is located about 100 miles east of the Windrurd Island chain going from St. Martin to Trinidad and Tobago. This proximity to the neighboring islands gives you the perfect opportunity to experience another taste of paradise in less than 30 minutes by plane. We recently visited the lush and green island of Saint Lucia by selecting “BodyHoliday” at Le Sport, located on the northern tip of Gross Island.

Le Sport is an all-inclusive property, but don’t let the “all you can eat” stereotype create the wrong impression: it’s an impression you’ll remember for world-class cuisine, high-quality and efficient staff and its wellness spa, Oasis. Le Sport has a choice of three restaurants, under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Daniel Echaseriou. There is a waterfront deli offering tasty salads, sandwiches and light fare. Cariblue is the resort’s premier dining room, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Highlighting the abundance of fresh local fruits, veggies and seafood available in St. Lucia, Cariblue’s innovative and authentic ethnic bar in the vast majority of well-presented buffets is an epicurean delight. The efficiency and quick smile of the highly qualified staff matches any resort in the Caribbean.

But the highest praise deserves the restaurant Le Sport with the signature Tao. Recently awarded the AAA Diamond rating, a prestigious award given to restaurants that meet the highest standards of service, d├ęcor, atmosphere and the latest cuisine, Tao is truly a world-class restaurant. Dao creates gourmet feng shui with absolutely delicious food, the art of fresh local ingredients with a Pacific drug. The scallop trilogy, the origin of the citrus scallops of the lioness’s pate, the grilled scallops on filet baked goods, and the scallop barbecue with spikes under Teriyaki sauce was brilliantly crafted. Sultan Conscious brings salad of roasted cumin roasted eggplants and tomatoes with goat cheese fondant and black olive topanade. The freshness of the thin-layer ingredients really makes the knees weak. All beginners are sumptuous sculptural presentations crafted with an obsession with excellence.

Entrepreneurs acquire a whole new dynamic of nirvana food as a meat menu of menu items such as fragrant Lamb Tamarind with toffin-daphinase, miso pork tenderloin, Supreme Dhaka with whisper of truffle oils, meet seafood Jan Olive oil, mahi mashion to the sublime Tajine seafood.

Executive chef Daniel Ehoseriou’s European training and journey through the sky are the driving force behind the menu’s wild imaginative creations. The owner of the restaurant, Jesse Joseph, manages the dining room, moves gracefully from table to table and maintains his distinguished team of first-rate servers who are informative and happy to welcome.

Booking is an absolute must for Tao, which is open to guests of the property as part of the resort fee, as well as to the general public.