Meet the Himalayan Kingdom – Nepal’s holiday package

Nestled on the picturesque snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, Nepal’s majestic and mystical kingdom is an amazing mix of cultures, ranging from traditional Hindu lifestyles, Tibetan and Buddhist cultures, as well as more urban and western avenues of adventure and entertainment, including casinos, adventure sports hiking. Playing as a guard of the Himalayan ranges and the point of entry for numerous rock-climbing expeditions, Nepal is a testament to the large influx of tourists from India as well as around the world, with people heading to this country for its glorious but serene geography and climate, culture and scale. terrible Himalayan peaks, including Everest.

Such huge traffic of tourists heading to this marvelous country of extraordinary controversy has given rise to a growing and thriving hospitality industry, with a number of tour operators providing services to potential tourists to streamline travel plans and offer a wide variety of options when looking for a holiday in Nepal. Based on your previous length of stay and activities you can grab, you can choose from the many holiday packages of Nepal that range from typical Kathmandu city holidays centered around the luxury of modern times amidst architectural wonders and spectacular stupas, temples and other places of worship and meditations, or you can choose from the more demanding but enticing country tours to see the beauty of the country in its harsh, unfinished form. The hospitable climate, combined with the natural beauty of the mountains and the countryside, makes every corner of this country Jacob and Ethis a truly feasible and satisfying holiday destination.

For those who like to take on the challenge, Nepalese hiking packages are a unique combination of adventure and adrenaline without being too physically demanding. Easy hikes include excursions to the ancient villages around the Kathmandu capital and slowly move to more rustic and sustainable terrain. Well-trained sherpas with their local knowledge and expert guidance make the whole hike an interesting and enlightening experience. In case you want to give light hikes due to lack of time, you can hire a taxi to take you to the most famous tourist destinations in and around Kathmandu if you like and relish the colorful beauty of the Himalayan kingdom. If you are looking for peace of mind, both relevant and spiritual, or want to experience the adrenaline rush, make a choice of a vacation package in Nepal and let yourself remember this special holiday plan for your professional plan.