Tips for Saving Money on Vacation in St. Maarten – Vacation Rentals

The island, shared by the French Saint Martin and the Dutch Sint Maarten, lives on amazing beaches and pristine surroundings, not to mention two completely individual, inviting societies. Vacation rentals in St. Martin / St. Maarten are probably one of the most beautiful villas present in the Caribbean, displaying an exquisite sophisticated beauty that is incomparable to the neighboring islands.

This stylish, friendly island is truly a paradise; the main reason for tourists in the Caribbean vacation vacation: beaches !! In both areas of the island there are thirty beaches, each with a distinctive feature. No matter which beach you visit, you will find breathtaking scenery, especially at dawn and sunset, and you will be able to get plenty of lessons. Usually our apartment or villas are ideally located to make the most of these scenes and life on the island.

For those eligible visitors to our vacation rental, the island is even home to a wide range of activities such as scuba diving, fishing and water sports, allowing more timid visitors to lie around in the sand and swim in the sun or take advantage of some exploration. beaches for a natural memory. St Marten hotels are rare on the Dutch side, especially and usually do not have the convenience of enjoying the beauty of the island.

While some tourists prefer to stay at St Maarten hotels, most large families or groups of friends usually seek to rent apartments or lavish villas. Our priority in vacation rentals in Saint Martin is much more privacy, luxury and much more relaxing than resorts and hotels.

While St Maarten hotels are committed to providing many amenities and amenities, the all-inclusive amenities that only our vacation rental in St. Maarten can give travelers. We, without exception, rent a villa and condom with amenities such as towels, super quality linens, a well-equipped kitchenette, a washer and a clothes dryer. Usually, most of our apartments or holiday homes in St. Martin offer all the amenities you can buy in any home, such as satellite or cable TV, DVD / CD player, movie theater to choose from, without requiring an extra charge for each movie or channel. to watch. The reason why we are successful is because our short-term rentals are a home away from home.

On the island, almost all St. Maarten vacation rentals even include entertainment to entertain children with toys, puzzles and board games. Rarely does a library with a decent collection of texts also be provided to enable seniors to wind up and read a book or magazine.

In the future, vacation rentals have completely specially selected high-tech kitchens, you can facilitate a wonderful dinner or party, which is simply not likely at St Maarten hotels. For a family or group, self-cooking is a bit low compared to eating at a restaurant or hotel. Renting an apartment or villa in St. Martin always brings the bills when it comes to cost-effectiveness.

Certainly, while living on a vacation rental in St. Maarten, visitors can enjoy a tangible life experience as residents. With this in mind, this should be the main reason for using our comprehensive portfolio of apartments and villas throughout the island.